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I come bearing gifts

So I've been poking at Yugioh fandom for about two weeks, drawn into it by one excellent Bakura RPer a couple years ago and YGOTAS. I think this is one of those places where I'm a fan of the fandom more than the original product, I watched about half the series by fast-forwarding through all the duels... The overpowering merchantalism of the series irritates me, but I awfully like the Egypt plot and the split-personality issues... In any event, I knew what corner of the fandom I'd most likely be ending up in well before I actually took on the task of watching the anime, and that brings me here. I did a search on 'tornshipping' and low and behold I found a community! There are some advantages to the ridiculously and unnecessarily complex method of ship-names in this fandom after all...

So far I've only written three 'tendershipping' fics, but I think that's pretty good for two weeks, and I'm working on a couple of 'tornshipping' fics on and off now. Having fun times and all. So anyway, here's some fake-cuts to my journal, newest to oldest:

Title: Making Choices and Taking Chances
Author: Fictatious
Character(s): Bakura Ryou, Yami-Bakura
Rating: M
Warnings: dream-sex, snakes
Summary: Circa episode 38. Bakura Ryou finds himself forced to choose his allegiance, between his friends from school and his darker half. While it's an upsetting decision, it's not one he lingers on for very long. Tendershipping and such.

( Ryou clutched at his chest, where the Millenium Ring should have been, and grasped only the fabric of his shirt. No. They were supposed to be his friends, weren’t they? )

Title: Jail Break
Author: Fictatious
Character(s): Bakura Ryou, Yami-Bakura, Mutou Yuugi, Jounochi Katsuya
Rating: 13
Warnings: things that go bump in the night
Summary: After a fight leads to a conspicuous absence, Ryou goes to pull his darker self out of the prison of his psychosis for the umpteenth time. BR/YB

( The Thief had been silent all day. It worried Ryou. )

Title: High Stakes
Author: Fictatious
Character(s): Bakura Ryou, Yami-Bakura, Malik Ishtar
Rating: 13
Warnings: swearing and violence
Summary: Bakura goes out in search of a beating. Season two, when Bakura is all beat up and they don't bother to explain how he got that way. Suggestions of BR/YB.

( Ryou had spent the evening wearing his poker-face. )
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