made_in_wonder (made_in_wonder) wrote in conspireshippin,

New member bearing fic!

Hello all,

I'm new to this community and recently started writing fanfiction again so I thought I'd post links/fake-cuts to a few relevant one-shots I've done - one Angstshipping for a Malik/Ryou claim at fanfic50 and one TAS!Thiefshipping story written just for the lulz.

Title: Brands
Word Count: 469
Rating: G
Summary: Malik thinks he's everything. Ryou's not so sure.

Malik thinks he hides himself, but he brands his own body more than scars ever could.

Title: Sweet Hatred Together
Word Count: 1,883
Rating: T for language and innuendo.
Summary: TASverse. Bakura and Marik make sweet hatred together. All night long.
Author's Notes: Operates on the AU premise that Florence defeated Melvin, thus saving the Abridged Series from cancellation and landing Marik back in his own body.

“I hate you, Marik,” hissed Bakura, the words sliding out between nearly-clenched teeth. “Every bloody thing about you.”

Very excited to be a part of this community. :3

(Will be crossposting the Angstshipping to angstshipping, sorry for the spam.)
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