sylavia (sylavia) wrote in conspireshippin,

Silence! I have an annoucement to make!

Hi I am in a search for a great Bakura roleplayer  that is legal of age. I mostly roleplay as Marik Ishtar and Yami Marik but I can also be Bakura if you wish to be Marik. Why do I have to legal age you ask? Well I'm in my twenties and I don't want anyone younger than 18. When I roleplay I do go in details. I love gore and violence in most of my Rps.

The pairing I enjoy the most is Thiefshipping and Citronshipping but to tell you the truth I love any pairing of them actually. I know people say that Akefia can't be with Marik because its not the same time zone and you know what I say to that! Screw the rules I have imagination! 

My Marik persona is mostly like in the YGOTAS. He denies to be gay but deep down he enjoys every moment of it. -smirks- If you would like to give it a try to rp with me contact me. Then we will exchange our msn or yahoo email to chat.

Now I command you to contact me so that we can start rping together!
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Well, I don't know that I'm great, but I do play as Bakura and Thief King! And have been for a good many years. XD I'm in my twenties, too, so the legal thing isn't an issue. My Bakuras change how they act depending on the situation and whether or not it's canon or AU. I usually play Thief King as more of a lecher, but if it's better for the RP, he can be the RPG/Zorc-controlled version, too. My Yami no Bakura is usually a lot more cold and manipulative.